Brushed meat girl Japanese kanji

meat girl

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front and back Kanji brushed words

front and back

japanese calligraphy back 漢字 裏 うら

inside and outside.
Japanese says hyou-ri.漢字 表裏 おもて うら ひょうり
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instagram indulgence Kanji brushed words

instagram indulgence

Japanese says i-n-su-ta-za-n-ma-i.平仮名 ひらがな いんすたざんまい
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swimming club Kanji brushed words

swimming club

Japanese says sui-ei-bu.水泳部 すいえいぶ 漢字
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my gravy Kanji brushed words

my gravy

That is means my hot sweat or my hot cum.
Japanese says ore-no-niku-jiru.俺の肉汁
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fast sailing ship yacht team Kanji brushed words

fast sailing ship yacht team

Japanese says kai-soku-sen-bu.漢字 快速船部 ヨット部 | | |
meat man Kanji brushed words

meat man

It's coined word.
It's person who likes meat, fat man and thick man.漢字 造語 肉男 にくお
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thanks Kanji brushed words


1 an acknowledgment of appreciation.
2 a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.
3 an expression of gratitude
Japanese says kan-sha.漢字 感謝 かんしゃ
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beach volleyball Kanji brushed words

beach volleyball

An outdoor variant of volleyball played on sand.
Japanese says sa-dan-hai-kyu.漢字 沙灘排球 ビーチバレー
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table tennis team Kanji brushed words

table tennis team

Japanese says ta-kkyu-bu.漢字 卓球部 たっきゅうぶ
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tennis team Kanji brushed words

tennis team

Japanese says tei-kyu-bu.漢字 庭球部 ていきゅうぶ テニス部
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the four seasons Kanji brushed words

the four seasons

spring, summer, autumn(fal) and winter.
Japanese says syun-ka-syu-tou.漢字 春夏秋冬 四季
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organizer Kanji brushed words


1 someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously.
2 a desk used for writing.
3 a secretary having administrative duties and responsibilities.
Japanese says kan-ji.漢字 幹事 かんじ
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baseball team Kanji brushed words

baseball team

Japanese says ya-kyu-bu.漢字 野球部 やきゅうぶ
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football team Kanji brushed words

football team

Japanese says shu-kyu-bu.漢字 蹴球部 サッカー部
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odawara Kanji brushed words


Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.漢字 関東 神奈川県 小田原 おだわら
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Shouchikubai Kanji brushed words


1 It's happiness and fortune word. pine, bamboo and plum trees.
2 high, middle and low. top, middle and bottom. upper, medium, lower; first, second and third.
Japanese says sho-chiku-bai.漢字 松竹梅 しょうちくばい
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volleyball team Kanji brushed words

volleyball team

Japanese says hai-kyu-bu.漢字 排球部 バレー部 バレーボールクラブ
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chief Kanji brushed words


1 the leader of a group of people.
2 the head of a tribe or clan.
3 the head administrative officer of a college or university.
Japanese says shu-seki. 漢字 主席 しゅせき
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basketball team Kanji brushed words

basketball team

Japanese says ro-kyu-(bu)漢字 籠球部 篭球部 バスケ部 バスケットボール部
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futenma Kanji brushed words


Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa Japan.
It has transfer problem between Japan govement and Okinawa prefecture.漢字 普天間 沖縄
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dark red Kanji brushed words

dark red

RGB R:159 G:59 B:66
CMY C:0.376 M:0.769 Y:0.741
Japanese says en-ji.漢字 臙脂 えんじ 色
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challenger Kanji brushed words


the contestant you hope to defeat
Japanese says cyo-sen-sha 漢字 挑戦者 ちょうせんしゃ
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metallic Kanji brushed words


containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal.
Japanese says koro-gane-iro.漢字 黒鉄色 メタリック
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football Kanji brushed words


any of various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other's goal.
Japanese says syu-kyu.漢字 蹴球 しゅうきゅう サッカー フットボール
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serious Kanji brushed words


concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities.
Japanese says ma-ji-me.漢字 真面目 まじめ
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hunter Kanji brushed words


someone who hunts game
Japanese says karyu-do.漢字 狩人 かりうど ハンター
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akaoh  Kanji brushed words


Japanese says aka-ou.漢字 赤王 あかおう | |
priority seat Kanji brushed words

priority seat

priority seat for the use of the disabled, young children, the elderly, pregnant women.
Japanese says yu-sen-seki.漢字 優先席 ゆうせんせき
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