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basketball team

basketball team japanese or kanji
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Japanese says ro-kyu-(bu)漢字 籠球部 篭球部 バスケ部 バスケットボール部

Brushed Kanji & KanaSocial & PeopleSportsmovieバスケットボール部動画籠球部

Feature Brushed Kanji & Kana

Brushed japanese as front and back

front and back

japanese calligraphy back 漢字 裏 うら

inside and outside.
Japanese says hyou-ri.漢字 表裏 おもて うら ひょうり
Brushed japanese as Jordan


Jordan officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab kingdom in the Middle East on the East Bank of the Jordan River. 約旦 ヨルダン 漢字 国名
Brushed japanese as Brown


an orange of low brightness and saturation.
same Kanji character tea.
Japanese calls Cha.
Brushed japanese as Flower


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