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baseball team japanese or kanji
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Japanese says ya-kyu-bu.漢字 野球部 やきゅうぶ

Brushed Kanji & KanaSocial & PeopleSportsmovieやきゅうぶ動画野球部

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Brushed japanese as health


the general condition of body and mind. a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease.
Japanese says ken-ko.漢字 健康 けんこう
Brushed japanese as Feris


Your (her/his) name became a Chinese character [Kanji]. This used as a phonetic symbol rather than for its meaning.
Brushed japanese as All right

All right

Japanese says “Dai Jo Bu”.
1. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition.
2. free from fear or doubt.
3. free from danger or risk.
4. secure from risk.
Brushed japanese as Yellow fever

Yellow fever

Japanese says "Ou-Netsu-Byo". Tropical Disease

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