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table tennis team japanese or kanji
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Japanese says ta-kkyu-bu.漢字 卓球部 たっきゅうぶ

Brushed Kanji & KanaSportsmovieたっきゅうぶ動画卓球部

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Brushed japanese as Philippines


The Philippines officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan; west across the South China Sea sits Vietnam; southwest is the island of Borneo across the Sulu Sea, and to the south the Celebes Sea separates it from other islands of Indonesia; while to the east it is bounded by the Philippine Sea and the island-nation of Palau.
Brushed japanese as destroyer


1. a small fast lightly armored but heavily armed warship.
2. a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to.
Brushed japanese as representative director

representative director

someone chosen by the board of directors from among the directors to actually represent the company in its dealings with the outside world. 代表取締役
Brushed japanese as extreme


Japanese says “Cyo”.
1. most distant in any direction.
2. of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity.
3. far beyond a norm in quantity or amount or degree.
4. beyond a norm in views or actions.

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